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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do orders take to process?

Usually one business day. If you have an emergency need, please call the 24/7 support line for assistance.

Starter packs take longer, as a physical item must be shipped to you. A courier tracking number will be provided to help track your order.

How are licenses delivered?

Licenses are delivered via a secure link, sent to you by email. With your d3 Designer USB key plugged in, you simply follow the link to download the license.

I've ordered the Starter Bundle, what happens now?

You'll receive two things in the next days:

  • Your physical starter pack, including the d3 Designer USB key by courier
  • Your two month d3 Designer License via email

Your starter pack will contain instructions on how to download the latest version of d3 Designer and apply your two month license.

Why do I need a d3 Designer USB Key?

The d3 Designer USB key is your 'container' of licenses and provides you with great flexibility. d3 Designer Licenses can be remotely downloaded to the key via the web. Once applied, you simply plug the USB key into the PC on which you wish to use d3. There are no 'locks' to individual machines, so you can roam from your laptop to your PC, however you please.

When does the clock start on a d3 License Pack?

The clock starts on a license when you run d3 Designer for the first time with that license.

Can I have multiple license blocks on my d3 Designer USB key?

Yes, you can.

If I have multiple license packs on my d3 Designer USB Key will all the clocks start at once?

No. When the d3 Designer application starts it will look for any currently partially used licenses on the key first. So if you are 10 days through a 30 day license pack, it will continue to use that pack. After that pack expires, it will activate the next pack on the key.

Where is the manual for d3 Designer

You can find it online at: http://r11.d3technologies.com